Mums Love Solidea

These are kiiiiind of like Spanx, only they really are not, because there is nothing tight around the belly, just a lovely big pocket. No, these shorts are all about support of the pelvis, back and thighs, and circulation. They are not shapewear. I got mine at the physio and have worn them to DEATH. Especially when doing a lot of walking around or if I need to wear heels, because I like the tightness and the support. As a bonus, they are lovely and smoothing, and so are excellent under tight clothes, like my Kookai dresses. That they are called ‘Panty Maman’ is just a bonus, really.

Zoe Foster Blake, Australia


As a physiotherapist working on the maternity ward, I found that pregnancy took a big toll on my body with my demanding and active job.  From about 20 weeks into my pregnancy I started growing a belly and the curvature of my spine was naturally increasing.  I found I required some extra support around my lower back and pelvic girdle.  The pregnancy shorts by Solidea provided great support and comfort, they allowed me to continue managing my busy caseload and running exercise classes.  The material is breathable and so much better than the spandex / lycra material used in other pregnancy shorts.  Solidea are the only brand which offers medical grade compression in their garments. I found this amazing and with the extra compression around the pelvis and lower back, these Solidea shorts were awesome! Being so happy with them, I recommend them to my patients.

This product is exceptional!  The price is also much more affordable in comparison to similar products available on the market and that surprised me when these shorts offer so much more.

Jennifer, Physio – Calvary John James Hospital (ACT)


My pelvic pain began in my 2nd trimester and quickly progressed. Within a couple of days I went from slight discomfort to barely being able to walk. I needed help, I searched the internet for my symptoms and found the Solidea website and decided they were worth a try. Within a couple of hours of wear, I felt pain relief and such comfort, I was able to function without discomfort and do what I needed to do when I had the shorts on.  They were my savour throughout my pregnancy.  I didn’t want to take them off!  I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Kim, Melbourne


I loved my Solidea shorts both during and after my pregnancy. I suffer from lower back pain that worsened during my pregnancy – I found wearing the Pregnancy Shorts literally saved me. So comfortable and supportive, the light fabric over my tummy felt safe and supported both my upper and lower back. I wore them daily under my clothes and the support instantly relieved me, making especially the third trimester much more comfortable. Following the birth of my gorgeous baby girl Audrey I wore the Solidea Recovery Shorts.  They did wonders for speeding up my Recovery.  I still wear them now some times when I know I am going to be active. My physio told me how great they were and she was so right, they are fantastic!

Barbara, Sydney


I tried an alternative support garment after my first C-section. Big mistake! I was so disappointed. They cost a fortune and didn’t breathe. Following my second Caesarean, my physio recommended the Solidea Recovery Shorts; and they we so much better. The fabric was so supportive and extremely breathable.  I wore them from day 2, and being able to function (almost normally) felt great! I was able to pick up my baby much sooner than after my first delivery.  My body felt great wearing them. I can’t say enough positives about these shorts. If you’re having a Caesarean, I suggest you also try Solidea.

Sarah, Melbourne


The Solidea Pregnancy Shorts are extremely comfortable to wear. I like them because of the skin colour.  I wore them almost every day and no one ever knew. Living in Qld it’s sometimes very hot, and I was worried they would be hot under my clothes, but I actually found the shorts very comfortable and not difficult to wear in the heat at all. Being on my feet most of the day and suffering from some upper thigh veins, the relief the shorts provided was marvellous. I found that when it was wash day and I was unable to wear the shorts, my lower back and legs would ache and I just didn’t feel myself, so I decided to buy two pairs to ensure I always had a pair to wear. I cannot recommend them enough.

Linda, Queensland


Both my Physio and my OBGYN told me I should try the Solidea Pregnancy Stockings for my varicose veins and severe lower back pain. I was 27 weeks pregnant with twins and walking and getting in and out of the car was becoming very hard. I tried some other stockings but they were not helping. On trying Solidea, although difficult to get on, I instantly felt relief. I wore them every day.

Simone, Adelaide


I would definitely recommend the Arm Care Garment Ccl 2. I first heard about this fantastic garment on a Breast Cancer chat room. I had been diagnosed with right arm lymphoedema following a mastectomy and lymph node removal and struggled with other garments.
This Solidea sleeve is very easy to get into and it means no more “muffin top” bulge around my upper arm. I can also throw away the body glue that I had to use to get the off-the-shelf garments to stay up and stop rolling down. An unexpected advantage of this garment is the back strap that makes you more aware of to keep your shoulders back and improves your posture.
Thank you from a very satisfied customer.

Joy, Sydney