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Made in Italy
Tested in Germany

Recommended by
Healthcare Professionals

Medical Grade

Health Rebates
May Apply

Featured Products


Bilateral sleeves with Class 1 compression (15-21mmHg) designed to improve lymphatic and venous circulation, minimises swelling and keeping the skin looking healthy.


70 denier Pregnancy leggings, with graduated compression, designed to be worn throughout the day.


Class 2 (25-32mmHg) compression gauntlet designed for the conservative management of hand and forearm swelling/lymphoedema


Opaque compression pantyhose with graduated Class 1 compression (18-21mmHg) designed to improve venous and lymphatic circulation and treat swelling, DVT, varicose vein and early stage lymphoedema.



Knee high socks designed to minimise swelling and the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVTs).


Support your back and abdominal muscles!

Made in Italy, this Abdominal band offers great support to your waist, hips and back. Suitable following childbirth and abdominal surgery.

Why Choose Solidea?

Highest Quality

Solidea compression garments are manufactured in Italy and tested in Germany. The philosophies underpinning Solidea are: Quality, Technology, Well-being, Beauty, Service and Eco-sustainability. With regular investment in innovation and technology there is no doubting the quality of Solidea.

Breathable Material

Solidea garments are made from a light-weight and breathable material. Unlike other compression garments the compression comes from within the garment rather than from a thick lycra-like material. When pregnant, recovering postnatally or managing a chronic condition like lymphoedema these products will be comfortable and won’t make you sweat.

Pain & Discomfort Relief

As a Physiotherapist and mother, I have seen and felt the benefits of Solidea’s Pregnancy and Recovery supports.
Perfect to wear all year around due to their breathable material (I had a summer baby 🙂 😉 ), these garments made me feel great!
A go to for all women during pregnancy and after birth especially those experiencing pregnancy related pain and discomfort.


March is Lymphoedema month

  According to data released by the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are approximately 140 million people worldwide affected by lymphoedema. Though it is not a rare disease, it is often under recognised. Thus, the month of March is dedicated to the “awareness of lymphatic disease”, an opportunity to reiterate the importance of prevention and
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Exciting news!

  As 2023 draws to a close I wanted to share the exciting news that this year I have completed my Level 1 Chronic Oedema of the Lower Limb course as well as my Level 1 Upper Limb Lymphoedema course. These courses have developed my knowledge, skills and clinical reasoning in the management of both
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What is lipoedema?

  Lipoedema is a chronic, progressive inflammatory disease, that in some case may become disabling.It is an abnormal build-up of fat beneath the skin in the buttocks, hips or lower limbs. This fat accumulation is symmetrical and bilateral. Lipoedema has also been shown to affect the arms, but hands and feet are not involved. How
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"We have been selling Solidea Pregnancy and Recovery shorts for over 2 years now and have found our clients absolutely love them. As Physiotherapists we were impressed by their support, grade of compression and comfort. As far as value for money and quality of product, this is the best option available for Mums and Mums-to-be."

Anthony Belcher

B. Physio, APAM, Director, Back In Motion

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"I regularly recommend Solidea Pregnancy and Recovery pants for my patients. Their lightweight material and medical compression are optimal for my patients. We love Solidea compression pants and it’s definitely a product we use for a variety of pregnancy and postnatal conditions."

Melissa Harris

Physiotherapist - Greenslopes Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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"I recommend my pregnant mums wear Solidea. The feel, comfort support and compression offered by Solidea are exceptional for mums throughout all stages of pregnancy."

Dr Suzanna Kotevska

Obstetrics & Gynaecology specialist

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Solidea brings you health and comfort with medical grade compression shorts, leggings and stockings.

Every woman waits nine months to fall in love for a lifetime. Watch the days and weeks fly by with our medical compression shorts and more. Solidea makes waiting for your baby a little easier. 

While pregnancy is not without its challenges – be it the occasional bout of morning sickness or the changing shape of your body – our medical compression leggings, socks, and shorts will give you some much -needed support and comfort. 

We’ll take care of any pain and discomfort so that you can focus on the fun part of your pregnancy. Durable and lightweight, these medical grade compression tights won’t make you sweat. Relish the thought of becoming a mum from the moment you see your positive pregnancy test result to the growing anticipation of your baby’s arrival. 

When wearing our medical grade compression stockings, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and watch the miracle of life unfold before your very eyes.  

Quality, technology, well-being, beauty, service, and eco-sustainability – Solidea brings you all of that and more in a single package. 

Health rebates may apply*

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Our medical compression tights are industry leading quality

Over 40,000 women from around the world discover our surgical compression stockings each week. Recommended by healthcare professionals, each piece in our range has gone through a rigorous design, manufacturing, and testing processes. 

When you buy from Solidea, whether it’s a pair of medical socks or elastic stockings, medical professionals, like our very own Sarah Cleaver, can vouch for its unparalleled quality. 

A charming combination of fashion, innovation, and passion for women’s health and wellness has helped Solidea become a leader in the global hosiery industry. With constant reinvestments in technology and a deep appreciation for beauty, there is no denying the quality of this brand. 

Today, expectant mums in Australia and around the world, can enjoy the finest medical compression leggings throughout their pregnancy. We’ve brought everything together in one place for you to enjoy. 

These medical grade compression tights were made in the highest standard with you, and your baby, in mind. Solidea is proud to be part of this amazing journey with you.

Our Featured Products

Reduce swelling with our top of the line medical socks

When we think of pregnancy, we think of unimaginable love and joy. We don’t always think of swollen feet and ankles! This swelling, though natural, can cause pain and discomfort and often gets worse as your due date nears. 

Needless to say, comfy shoes are a must. You can also try on a pair of medical grade compression stockings and leggings. Our products offer graduated compression during your pregnancy.  Graduated compression improves circulation and prevents swelling and varicose veins developing.

Whether you’re working, looking after other children, flying, or putting your feet up at home, Solidea will make you feel comfortable and less conscious about your changing body. Mums-to-be can safely wear Solidea Pregnancy shorts, leggings or stockings throughout their pregnancy.Choose from different colours and a variety of sizes.

Swollen legs and feet are common during pregnancy. Don’t let them ruin your journey to motherhood Solidea’s  medical socks offer a simple and quick solution.

Discover Our Products

Your body takes time to fully recover from pregnancy. Our medical stockings can help.

Any mum will tell you that they came back from the delivery room a different woman. Your priorities change. So does your perspective. 

Your body will also feel and look different.  And while there’s no going back to life before baby, you can certainly get back your pre-pregnancy body. 

Our garments were designed for life after baby. Made with a patented 3D Wave Knit fabric, our medical compression shorts will help tone your tummy, hips, thighs and buttocks.

 Gradual medical compression improves blood circulation, while sanitised moisture wicking fabric minimises odour and perspiration when you exercise. 

Your body is beautiful. After serving as a home for your growing baby, you must now give it the support it needs with medical compression shorts, bands, and leggings. Our patented fabric massages and caresses your body, freeing up toxins so that you look and feel your best.  

When life and motherhood gets crazy, you shouldn’t forget about you. Stay strong and confident with our supportive garments post-delivery.