Safe and effective following vaginal delivery and Caesarean section, Solidea’s Recovery range promotes healing and recovery following the birth of your baby.

The proven compression and patented fabric helps reduces back and pelvic joint pain and improves recovery from episiotomies, tears, haematomas and Caesarean section.

Also suitable to wear as you return to exercise.

TGA approved.

Health fund rebates may apply*.

Postpartum compression shorts for support and faster recovery

Carrying your baby to term feels like carrying the world on your back… literally!!! And while nothing comes close to the joy of holding your small one in your arms, your body may feel and look different to you post-delivery. 

After going through one of the most physically challenging experiences in the world, your body now bears the marks of motherhood. It may take weeks or months for your belly to shrink in size. You could experience discomfort for several days or weeks after giving birth. 

Start feeling like your old self again with our postnatal compression shorts.  Suitable for wear after vaginal and Caesarean deliveries, these shorts support your back, hips, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor to aid in recovery. 

Made with patented 3D Wave Knit, our postpartum shorts firm and tone the body to help you get back to your pre-baby figure.  Compression helps with healing and gives you more awareness of your core muscles. 

Solidea’s maternity recovery shorts are made from a lightweight and breathable fabric with silver ions technology to keep you cool and prevent odour all year around.

Solidea is here to help restore your body’s strength and vitality and speed up your recovery.

*Not to be worn during pregnancy

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Wearing recovery shorts after pregnancy gives your body extra support

The first couple of months after having a baby can be rough on your body – after nine months of carrying a growing baby, your body must now heal often whilst breastfeeding and enduring many a sleepless night.

Give your body some much needed TLC with our pregnancy recovery shorts. These figure-hugging shorts sit high on the waist, micromassaging the skin and offering extra support for the back, hips, abdominal muscles, and pelvic floor. 

They do more than make you look good – they improve post-delivery recovery for a happier, worry-free transition into motherhood.  Our patented fabric minimises pain and swelling to make recovery easier. 

Don’t let pain and discomfort get between you and your baby. Enjoy motherhood sans postpartum complications with our postpartum shorts. Watch your body bounce back faster than you could have ever imagined with Solidea.

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Choose medical grade pregnancy recovery shorts.

It’s normal to feel some pain and discomfort after a C-section. Even small things like laughing or sneezing can be painful in the first few days after your Caesarean. With a new baby and a healing wound, (I can tell you) you’ll have your work cut out for you over the coming weeks. Unless you have been otherwise advised it is safe to begin taking short walks and activating your core muscles.

Wear our postpartum recovery shorts while your wound heals.  New mums swear by them. Made with 3D Wave Knit fabric, these compression shorts improve circulation and recovery. They also improve recovery from back pain, pelvic instability, tears and haematomas. What’s not to love? 

Solidea Recovery leggings and Support shorts can be worn as you return to exercise when the high waist abdominal support is not required. Give your body the extra care to make healing faster and easier.

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Our postpartum recovery shorts meet the highest standards

The Solidea brand goes all the way back to 1976, when an Italian family saw a demand for medical grade compression wear in the market. Designed to help women manage pregnancy and recovery following childbirth, our pregnancy and postpartum shorts are worn by new mums all over the world. Every week, thousands of women discover our products and happily wear them post-delivery. 

Each and every one of our products has gone through stringent quality testing. Anything less would be unacceptable. The result is a brand trusted by the most discerning customers.  

Make Solidea part of your daily routine post-pregnancy. Put them on in the morning and take them off before bed. Our post pregnancy shorts will soon feel like a comfortable second skin. 

Our recovery shorts are recommended by healthcare professionals and Women’s health practitioners including our own Sarah Cleaver.The first few months of motherhood go by very quickly. Don’t miss a moment of it because of pain, discomfort, or post-delivery complications. Our compression shorts will aid in recovery so that you can enjoy spending this time with your new baby.  

Discover the magic of medical compression shorts when you try on a pair of Solidea Recovery shorts. Improve circulation, reduce pain, and feel more confident. Solidea is one of motherhood’s best-kept secrets.

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