Get your pre-pregnancy body back!

These world renowned Recovery shorts will help you get your body back and reduce post-pregnancy related aches and pains.

Please contact us if unsure with sizing as we are unable to exchange/refund if items have been worn/tried on.

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Solidea Recovery shorts provide support and compression to assist your recovery following childbirth.  Made in Italy, these shorts sit high on the waist, supporting your back, pelvis, abdominal muscles (DRAM) and pelvic floor, preventing complications following pregnancy and delivery.  The patented fabric provides support, minimising pain and swelling, without compromising thickness and breathability.

Suitable following vaginal and Caesarean deliveries.

Recommended by Obstetricians and Physiotherapists.

NB: Not to be worn during pregnancy.

NB: Size using height and post-delivery weight


  • Supports the upper and lower back and pelvic joints
  • Supports the pelvic floor muscles
  • Improves awareness of your core muscles
  • Breathable material prevents overheating
  • Helps get your pre-pregnancy body back

3D Wave Knit – This patented fabric firms and tones the body.  The micromassage wave knit has been shown to promote circulation, freeing trapped toxins, making you feel and look great.

Uniform Compression – Provides support and proprioception to speed up healing and prevent injury.

Silver Ions technology – Helps to maintain the natural balance of healthy bacteria preventing odour and infection.

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