March is Lymphoedema month


According to data released by the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are approximately 140 million people worldwide affected by lymphoedema.

Though it is not a rare disease, it is often under recognised. Thus, the month of March is dedicated to the “awareness of lymphatic disease”, an opportunity to reiterate the importance of prevention and management and the roll of compression therapy.
Solidea continues to innovate and develop world class medical compression products. A recent focus on product design utilising the patented micromassage fabric, which acts at subcutaneous level, have been specifically designed to assist in the management of swelling/oedema.

Slimming Sleeves PRO, the evolution of Slimming Sleeves but with the gauntlet, which aids to drain the fluids starting from the hand avoiding peripheral swelling.

Be You Tonic PRO, leggings with enclosed foot, to avoid the accumulation of fluid and swelling of the foot in cases of diseases involving the lymphatic system. Also available in a plus size version.

Micromassage Bra, compression bra made from micromassaging fabric designed to manage symptoms of breast swelling/oedema.


Please contact the distributor if you require more information about these new products.


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