Self-Care for New Mums: Tips for Recovering After Delivery


Your baby will always be your first priority but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your own health. Solidea believes in helping women recover faster post-delivery and encouraging self-care is just one way for us to do this.

And while the first few months of motherhood are amazing, it also comes with a lot of sleepless nights and more than a few missed meals. Here are some self-care tips for new mums.

Get enough rest

It can be hard to get some sleep when your newborn wakes and starts crying every few hours. It is easy to get overwhelmed with exhaustion. You may not even be able to get a solid eight hours for another few months.
But there are a few ways to sneak in some rest and relaxation during this time:

  • Sleep when the baby sleeps – This might only last half an hour or so, but all that naptime can add up throughout the day.
  • Keep baby’s crib near the bed – Make it easier to get back to bed when you wake up in the middle of the night to bottle feed your baby or change their diapers. It might just be a few steps but it can help you save some much-needed energy.
  • Take turns staying up with your partner – You and your partner must work as a team to make sure both of you get enough rest without sacrificing your new baby’s needs. Set a schedule, take turns napping, and help each other out whenever possible.
  • Use your shower time to relax yourself – Your morning shower can serve as your “me” time even if it only lasts 15 minutes. So make the most of it by locking the bathroom door, lighting some candles, and playing some music.

Nourish your body

With so many responsibilities as a new mum, your health and nutrition can take a backseat to your child’s well-being. But you need to give your body the fuel and care it needs to keep going. Here are some quick and practical tips to work into your busy schedule.

  • Plan simple but healthy meals – Takeaways are quick, easy, and convenient. But that doesn’t mean you have to subsist on burritos and burgers after your pregnancy. You can still enjoy good, old-fashioned home cooking as long as you keep it simple and healthy.

Make a quick salad, snack on some fresh carrots, and make soup from scratch using a food blender.

While you might be eager to lose your pregnancy weight, physicians caution new mums against extreme dieting during this time, as it can harm you and your baby. It will take at least several months to lose any weight you’ve gained – eating balanced meals will help you shed the weight gradually.

  • Stay hydrated – You may find yourself getting more thirsty than usual when breastfeeding. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids. Keep a pitcher of lemon water near the baby’s station. Fresh fruits are also an excellent source of fluids.
  • Clean your wound – If you had a C-section, you’ll need to take the time to clean your wound and avoid strenuous physical activity. Wear recovery shorts and leggings to promote healing and recovery.


Reach out to family

Your body needs to recover following the birth of your child. Since you already have your hands full with your new baby, you’ll need support during this time.

  • Delegate chores – You might not feel well enough to do heavy chores around the house. Feel free to delegate these tasks to someone who’s physically able. Put off major home repairs and renovations unless absolutely necessary.
  • Accept help from friends and family – Don’t be shy to accept help from friends and family. If they’re mums themselves, they know how difficult it is to cope during the first few months.
  • Include family in your self-care routine – Self-care doesn’t have to be something you do by yourself. You can give yourself a foot massage while your baby plays next to you or do some quick deep breathing exercises while breastfeeding your child.

Taking care of yourself helps you become the best mum you can possibly be. Solidea brings you a wide range of recovery wear that offers relief and support after the birth of your child.

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