Did you know…

A DRAM or Diastasis of the Rectus Abdominus Muscle is normal during and following pregnancy. It occurs due to the release of pregnancy hormones and the change in shape triggered by your growing baby. What is not normal is if it causes you pain and discomfort, particularly in the lower back and pelvis.

A DRAM is actually a stretch of the connective tissue (linea alba) in between the two sides of the Rectus Abdominus (6-pack) muscle.  True separation happens less frequently, often after multiple pregnancies (twins/triplets), closely spaced pregnancies and/or large babies.

In the past DRAMs have been measured using ‘finger widths’ of separation.  Thank goodness we are now moving away from such an arbitrary measurement.

Don’t panic if you have a DRAM or someone has told you, ‘you may have a DRAM’.  Use the following 5 tips to help minimise your DRAM and improve your postnatal recovery and see a Women’s Health Physiotherapist for assessment and management.

5 tips to minimise your DRAM

  1. Roll when getting in and out of bed
  2. Avoid sit up movements, planks and high-impact exercise
  3. Minimise heavy lifting (let the weight of your newborn be your guide)
  4. Support with Solidea’s high-waist Recovery shorts
  5. Engage your core abdominal muscles


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