Sizing and Care Guide for your Solidea products

Fitting compression products can sometimes be a challenge. Compression shorts, leggings and stockings are meant to feel ‘firm but comfortable’ and sometimes they can be difficult to get on. This blog will provide you with some quick tips and tricks to help ensure you will be satisfied with your Solidea compression garments.

Selecting the right product

I’m often asked why would you recommend Pregnancy shorts rather than Pregnancy leggings or stockings – the amount of compression is the key!

Solidea Pregnancy shorts are suitable for all pregnant women, to manage and prevent pregnancy related pain and discomfort.  They are worn as an undergarment, during the day, to support and lift the weight of the baby. They help to minimise and prevent back and pelvic joint pain, pelvic instability, DRAM and vulval varicosities.

As the weather cools, women also have the option to wear Solidea Pregnancy leggings or stockings.  They look great under skirts and dresses.  Both garments provide graduated compression which improves circulation and blood flow.  They are specifically recommended for women who have varicose veins extending below the mid-thigh, painful or swollen legs and feet and standing occupations.

Solidea Pregnancy stockings, enclose the feet and provide Class 1 (18-21mmHg) compression. In contrast, Solidea Pregnancy leggings provide 12-15mmHg compression.  Both are completely safe during pregnancy and support the back and pelvis like the Solidea Pregnancy shorts. Pregnancy stockings are specifically recommended for women who have varicose veins extending into the feet. 

Selecting the right size

Pregnancy shorts, leggings and stockings

When fitting Pregnancy shorts use height and pre-pregnancy weight.

When fitting Pregnancy leggings or Pregnancy stockings use height, pre-pregnancy weight and these 3 circumferential leg measurements

  • cB – around the narrowest point of the ankle
  • cD – just below the knee and 
  • cG – just under the groin

If you or your customer is carrying twins or triplets or has/is likely to put on in excess of 20kgs please contact us at to assist you in selecting the correct size.

Recovery shorts

When prescribing Recovery shorts use height and post-delivery weight.  

NB: Recovery leggings, Fitness capri and Support shorts all come in XXL.

Height and weight measures are used for all therapeutic compression stockings as well as the 3 circumferential measures listed above.

We know you will love your Solidea garment

The following Care Instructions will help you don and doff your shorts, leggings and stockings without damaging your garments.

  • Sit down when you are putting on and taking off your shorts, leggings and stockings.
  • Gently stretch around the thigh band before wearing for the first time (Pregnancy and Recovery shorts only).
  • Put your garment on one foot at a time.
  • Slide up both legs gradually.
  • Be careful of your fingernails and jewellery (wear gloves if necessary).
  • Make sure your shorts, leggings and stockings fit snuggly under your crotch before pulling up over the belly.
  • Place your garment in a delicates bag when washing.
  • Lie flat to dry.  
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not use softeners or bleach.

Although of a very high quality, Solidea cannot guarantee damage will not be caused due to excessive pulling when fitting or snagging with wear. Please take care to ensure no damage is caused.

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